About Me

I want you to think back to your last writing assignment. Did you think composing it was a breeze or could you not wait for it to be over? If you find yourself on the side of many students, not waiting for the assignment to be finished so you didn’t have to think about it any longer, you may need a little extra writing help. While you do not necessarily have to enjoy writing, a little help can provide tips and techniques to make the writing process easier, so it is not quite as painful in the future.

What You Need to Know About Me

You may be thinking, “Who is this guy to give me writing advice?” Like you, I am a student. I have not struggled with writing in my past though, as I was fortunate enough to have older siblings and parents that were more than willing to share some of the things they have learned over the years. With this advice, I have streamlined my own writing technique and I think that I can help you streamline yours as well.

It’s Not Knowing What to Write, It’s Knowing How to Write

Something you will learn as you read this blog is that the writing assignment doesn’t really matter. What matters is being familiar with the writing process and altering it to work best for you. It is true there is not any single technique that is perfect for writing. Rather, there are several techniques and it is up to you to learn what works best for your style. This blog will give you guidance in this area and many others.

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